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A real insight into Aspergers - in a gripping novel!

House Rules - Jodi Picoult
I greatly admire Jodi Picoult. Not only does she write really well, and research new subjects really well, she comes up with great plot lines and characters. This is no exception. The gruesome opening pages might be enough to put some people off, but all is not what it seems. (Is it ever in a thriller?) So plough on through them to get to the good stuff.

This really does give a good insight into Aspergers, so it is both educational and entertaining. Not to mention grippping.

While I did suspect the likely outcome fairly early on, there was always an element of doubt, and I certainly wanted to know if i was right. And a subtle clue near the ending made mewonder if, even when 'proved' right, Ireally was. So watch out for the clues and see where they take you.

Great characters and a wonderful read.