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Gripping (except the dragging middle)

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

After reading this novel, I feel as mixed up as the couple the story is all about.

Basically, I think this is a great book. It has some good twists and turns. And I put it up there with the most memorable books I've read. And yet, despite the praise...
- The treasure hunt seemed so contrived.
- There were some really boring bits which got nowhere fast.
- It's good to know who to shout for in a novel, but I found myself changing horses and finally not liking anyone particularly.

So give it a read, because it's quite gripping. And loads of people really love it, so you should know where you stand.

And I liked it, too.

I think!

By the way, I haven't seen the film yet. I would like to. Maybe that might be better. (Sorry, I don't normally allow myself to suggest that.) Actually, how could they possibly make a film that's anything like the book, given you need to be inside heads?

Note to self. I must find out what they did there!